Nira Ann (Porter) Chambliss

Brooktondale, NY – Nira Ann Chambliss (nee Porter), aged 70, died 15 July 2019 in Brooktondale, Tompkins County, New York. She was born at White Cross Hospital in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, 11 March 1949, daughter of James Joseph and Marjorie Ruth (Wood) Porter. She is survived by her husband, Cian Sturdy Chambliss, whom she married at Brooktondale, Tompkins County, New York 26 June 1999…

Nira attended Sacred Heart school 1st and 2nd grades, then Holy Name school 3rd through 8th grades. She graduated from Bishop Watterson High School in June 1967. She attended Ohio State University for many years, accumulating enough hours to graduate but not enough in any discipline to obtain a degree. She finally found her calling when she applied for a job at R. S. Fling & Partners as a computer operator. Read Nira’s entire obituary »

Celebrating 54

Our reckoning is that TODAY June 10 is the anniversary of our graduation. Is that correct? Fifty-four years later, we’re coming through a (hopefully) once-in-a-century pandemic. Let’s celebrate!

Wednesday June 23 at 1:00pm

Our Chief Gatherer has arranged a new location for us to meet for the first time post-pandemic: Yogi’s Bar & Grill, 1126 W. Henderson Road, Columbus 43220 (corner of Kenny & Henderson) 614-914-8117. For those who haven’t been to our lunchtime get-togethers, we keep it informal; stand or sit as you please, table or bar, move around or stay put, whatever moves you. Eating is optional, beverages are optional, good times are not! It’s been almost a year-and-a-half, so come out and say hello to our classmates and catch up with what’s been happening.

If you have questions or need more information, email us. See you on the 23d!

Farewell Dick Allen!

Allen, Richard “Dick”
1949 – 2018
Dick AllenRichard Meara Allen, age 68, of Columbus, Oh, passed away Sunday, August 12 at Kobacker House in Columbus. Born September 11, 1949 in Charleston, West Virginia, he was the son of the late Charles Delmar and Mary Lucille (Hinterschied) Allen. Dick attended Immaculate Conception before going on to Graduate as a Golden Eagle from Bishop Watterson High School.

He was the owner of several bars and restaurants throughout his life as an entrepreneur in Columbus. Many of which were located on the campus of The Ohio State University, where he attended college. The Oar House, The Travel Agency, Surf City, Dead Eye Dick’s Saloon, Kitties Long Branch Saloon, and The Bombay Yacht Club, to name a few, were the foundation blocks for what has now evolved into the OSU campus bar scene. After his long run on campus, Dick pursued ventures downtown with Allen O’Mearas, Aristotle’s, The Old Pewter Mug, and Chameleon’s. Perhaps most notable of his establishments, located in the Victorian Village, he founded Zeno’s. Zeno’s has served as the community’s local watering hole for, as of August 10, 34 years. His patrons were his closest of friends, and his employees may as well have been his children. He seemed to have enough love in his heart for everyone. Dick paved the way for bar and restaurant owners in Columbus by constantly battling for their independent business rights, and by sacrificing much of his own to do what was right for many. A large part of this came through his tenure as the Treasurer of the Ohio Licensed Beverage Association, as he has held that position since the OLBA was founded.

As if he didn’t have enough going on, he was also involved in the ownership of Oakhurst Country Club in Grove City, where he was Chairman of the Board. This gave a pretty good excuse to be at the golf course for long periods of time, and several days in a row.

Dick Allen was a Husband, a Father, a Grandfather, and a Brother first, a best friend second, and a brilliant businessman last, however he played all of the parts so well, that it may be hard to rank them. Always putting the interests of others before his own, Dick loved to vacation with his family, simply to provide for them and bask in the joy of their happiness. Of course there were some small benefits that came with training three sons into bartenders/servers over his lifetime, but he deserved every bit of the hospitality that he got, and more.

Aside from getting away with the family, he found joy in being an avid Blue Jackets, Browns, and Buckeyes fan. Dick Allen was a mountain of a man with a heart of gold, and he will be terribly missed. If there is one quote of his that captures the way he lived his life, it would be, “Do it like you know it, or don’t do it at all.” This is the advice of a Legend, Dick Allen, may he rest in peace.
Full obituary »

Vicki Angel

Hi All,

Vicki Angel dreamI wish I could say, “this is me today,” Ha! I ended up becoming a professional dancer (post-modern). Somehow, ended up with a BFA in dance from OSU, MFA in performance and choreography, and a CMA (certified movement analyst). Who knew. I love analyzing the golf swing.

Education became an important part of my life so I became an Assistant Professor of dance at Towson University, Connecticut College, and CSU Long Beach. My performing and teaching has taken me to Asia and Europe.

Presently, I live with my husband, Bob Isenhart, whom I met at OSU. He does brain research. We restored a town house near Prospect Park, in Brooklyn. Currently I am a lead teaching artist at Lincoln Center Education in NYC. Check out our programs:

I want you to know that I am looking forward to seeing you all, even the ones I don’t recognize from the bios. And— I can still balance on one leg, easily.


Bob & Mary O’Connor Bryant

Bob and I have been married for 49 years and reside in Powell, Ohio. Our son and his family live in Columbia Falls, Montana, near Glacier National Park. We are blessed to have a beautiful, 9-year old granddaughter, Fiona.

Bob worked for Evans Adhesives Corporation for 37 years, retiring two years ago. I started work at American Electric Power the day after I graduated from Watterson, and had a wonderful 47-year career there before retiring three years ago. Bob and I are enjoying retirement.

We look forward to visiting with the Class of ’67 this weekend.

— Mary & Bob

David Emerick

As I left Columbus in January 1968 to join the Navy I always thought I would return to live. That did not happen. During my 8 years I was stationed at NSA Ft Mead Maryland.

I met Sherry Melonakis at the USO in Baltimore. We married and soon found ourselves stationed at the Naval station in Rota Spain.

When we got out of the Navy we returned to the Baltimore area where I found work with Bendix field engineering, then moved on to General Instrument working on stateside lottery systems and international recetracks. Spent some time in South Africa and Venezuela. 12 years later I found myself working for Mitsubishi in the paper converting industry. I am still working with MHIA 28 years later, now working on my exit to …

I travel quite a bit with my job and we travel around the US on vacations.

Our two daughters Kris and Melissa keep us involved with various concerns that create travel opportunities. Transformer conventions and most recent we have entered the arena of Steampunk which is a mixture of old Victorian and the wild west. We help promote a local Steampunk day in our home area of New Freedom PA on the Maryland/Pennsylvania line north of Baltimore.

We live in the countryside surrounded by a horse farm/vet about 2 miles outside of town.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

— Dave

Edward Malecki

In Summer Quarter 1967, I went to Ohio State with no idea what would happen. I learned that being smart in high school didn’t mean much in college. I could not do calculus or chemistry at the college level, so I had to figure out what I could do. I found out that geography (which we last took in 4th grade) was an interesting field, with an international network. I majored in International Studies but the geography professors at Ohio State got me to try calculus again – yes, there’s math in geography – and I became a geography grad student. During that time, I met Cindy, a Columbus girl, and we got married in 1973.

I got my Ph.D. in 1975 and it was on to Norman and the University of Oklahoma for my first job as a researcher and professor. Our son was born there in 1981. Cindy’s parents retired to Florida and a job opened up in Gainesville at the University of Florida in 1983. I spent 18 years there, always figuring that we’d retire there – no snow to shovel but lots of bugs, humidity, and wood rot. Florida is a great place to visit, but you don’t necessarily want to live there. In 1996, my mom died and my brother, sister, and I sold the East Dunedin Road home we had grown up in.

Work as a geographer had been good to me. I’ve written a couple of books and dozens of journal articles (working on the publish-or-perish principle), and I’ve traveled to conferences all over Europe and parts of Asia. My family and I lived in Vienna, Austria for half a year as a Fulbright professor. My network of friends is largely global; few are in the United States. My graduate students are like my kids.


Ed & Kathleen, 2016

In 2001, a job appeared at Ohio State and I moved back to Columbus. In 2003, Cindy got brain cancer and died within a few months. I thought, I’m too young (at 54) to be alone. So put me in touch with an art teacher and interior designer, Kathleen, and we got married in 2004. We live between Dublin and Powell, near the Columbus Zoo, where I had worked while finishing my BA in the early 1970s. We have 5 grandchildren (Kathleen’s daughters’ kids) in the Chicago area. My son lives in New York City.

So I lived in Columbus for 26 years, then in two southern college towns for the next 26 years. I don’t do football, after being surrounded by Buckeyes, Sooners, Gators, and now Buckeyes again. So far, I’m in year 17 of the next 26 years or more in Columbus. Coming “back” to Columbus was not like coming back; my family was no longer here and even the department I worked in at OSU had moved to a different building. I’ll retire from OSU before long, but continue to read, think, write, and travel.

— Ed

Bill Cannell

I am sure you remember me as the guy who was always pushing the envelope and getting in all kinds of trouble. I can’t believe that I survived the end of our first semester, ‘Junior Year Massacre,’ in which they booted ten or more of our classmates out of our high school. This forced them to attend public schools, only to be surrounded by mini-skirted young ladies. I won’t list all the details of my crazy life, but stop on by and I’ll fill you in on all the exciting details.
— Your fellow Eagle, ‘Wild Bill’ Cannell

Michelle DeTemple

Are you sure it is not the 25th? Time sure has flown by.
I attended OSU, while working at Jerry’s Drive In. I worked in the banking industry which took me in and out of a marriage where we lived near the Jersey shore. I was a season ticket holder to the Philadelphia Phillies during this time trying to teach my new girlfriends the game of baseball. I eventually moved back to Columbus in the late 70’s where I worked in the accounting department for a local men’s clothing store chain, which took me to Dallas, Texas as the chain was bought up by Hart Schaffner & Marx and they were consolidating the accounting function of retail chains from around the country. I made sure I lived near Arlington Stadium home of the Texas Rangers enjoyed watching Nolan Ryan set pitching records. In the early 90s the company exited the retail business I was laid off so back to Columbus. I was offered a job in Cincinnati by my former Controller from Texas at Cincinnati Bell Information Systems, so I moved to Cincinnati in 1993. I lived downtown next to Riverfront Stadium, however I was a season ticket holder to the Cleveland Indians with with a group that was organized by one of my brothers. My Dad thought I was crazy, he was probably right, I lived next door to where the Reds played, but I was a season ticket holder to a team 4 hours away. I retired in 2010 from my accounting/software testing world.

I spend a great deal of my time volunteering for the County Senior Services and the County Democratic Party along with fostering a soon to be 16-year-old boy, I am not sure what I was thinking when I agreed to the latter. Any travelling that I do is around the country. I have a nephew in the theater, so I have been from Maine to New York (many times) to North Carolina to Kansas and Chicago to name a few. Three of my siblings live outside of Ohio in Illinois, North Carolina and Florida which adds to the travel plans. Five of my other siblings live in Columbus and one here in Cincinnati, so we try to get together several times a year. There are currently 60 members in my immediate family with three on the way, so it can be very challenging at best to get us all together.

Looking forward to Saturday.
— Michelle

Paul Morrill


Paul Morrill with granddaughter

In the immortal words of Joe Walsh the great philosopher of our times from Cleveland, “everyone is so different, I haven’t changed” or should I say “it’s a wonder I’m still sane after all I’ve been through, Life’s been good to me so far”?

Graduated from Watterson 67 went to The University of Dayton dropped out of school in fall 1969 drafted into the Army early 1970 then undrafted that summer. Went back to school and graduated with degree in civil engineering 1972. Redrafted into the army, 6 years in the Ohio National Guard. Out as 2nd lieutenant. Worked in Detroit for 2 years, Columbus for 7 years, then to Colorado for 4 years. Settled down in New Jersey in 1985. Retired in May of this year working 32 years (25 as a direct employee) for a water company. Started with Detroit Water Co, FEMA flood studies across Ohio as surface water hydrologist, land development planning in Colorado then back to water and sewer in New Jersey.

Morrill familyI met my wife Patty in Columbus in 1977, married in 1981. Recession drove us to Colorado later that year then onto New Jersey. We live on 7 acres with miles of horse trails at back door. We cleared some of our land and built our own barn (Patty has her own framing hammer). We added onto our house 3 times did almost all of the work ourselves with a little help from our friends (including Jack Schwartz with his nail gun).

We have a son and daughter. Our daughter graduated from Ohio State with a degree in molecular genetics married 11 years and has a son and daughter. Our son is still holding out but is getting serious with his current girlfriend. He graduated from Rowan University and is involved with the care of Autistic adults.


Patty, Paul, Charlie, Jack

I’m not very good at inserting photos but included pictures of my wife and son in Colorado when we celebrated my 60th. Pictures of my grand-daughter and I standing in our barn and a photo of my wife and I on the ski trip with Jack Schwartz and Charlie Ferris. Have reconnected with Denis Poirier and John Bergman as well as some from the old Clintonville neighborhood that were not in our class.

I also included an old photo of our family from 2001 Shenandoah National Park. I still had hair with color even. Maybe I have changed a little.

Morrill family 2001

Paul and family, Shenandoah, 2001

I must repeat
Life’s been good to me so far!

— Paul