Mary VonVille

My life has taken a bit of a different path than most. Spent a mission in southern Germany for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, married in the Washington DC Temple and am yet quite actively involved in the Church. Genealogically-wise I have been blessed with several miracles and am now back into the very early 1600s upon some lines in which German has come in quite handy. AncestryDNA has been a blast recently. Culturally I am fascinated with learning and have “adopted” several children and taught English to Ukranians, Spanish, an Indian “son” and a dear Vietnamese friend. Watterson was an excellent educator in many many aspects and it’s been a delight to pass that knowledge on to others and I do love teaching. Worked mostly in the medical field and finally graduated college as physical challenges side-line me occasionally. Was an animal rescuer for one species for 14 years and during the last decade and one half have rescued 1 young and 5 older dogs with a 14 year old Sheltie being my pleasant shadow now. We are back in Cols. and I do still smile at being able to make left hand turns out of store lots after 30 years in NJ. Enjoy people (dog walks can take hours; drop-in visitors are welcomed: hatandsmile hotmail com), gardening, a wide variety of interests including art and am definitely not that shy kid anymore! FYI: Dad, who was a mentor to many of the IC and other guys, passed 9/11/11 and Mom (94) still lives in her home and goes to IC regularly; Larry is in Ft. M. in FL, 1 the Midwest, 1 works elsewhere and the others are still around Columbus. July 1st will be interesting at La Scala and hopefully we all get name tags as 50 years is a lot of time (and pounds!) Am sorry so many have passed already, wanted to see some of them!
— Mary