Kathleen Wesner

Dan and Kathleen (Wesner)

Dan and Kathleen

I graduated from Ohio State in 1971, lived in western Maryland for two years, and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1973. For my first several years in California, I always thought I would eventually move back to Ohio, but the weather and the California lifestyle were just too addictive. I got an MPH and an MBA from UC Berkeley and ended up working for the University of California San Francisco in financial administration for 23 years.

My husband, Dan, and I were married for 32 years. Two years ago, Dan had a recurrence of his lymphoma and died about six months later. We have no children but I do have two nephews who live close by. I have a flat in San Francisco, about a block from Mission Dolores and enjoy city life, getting around on foot or by bike. The car is used mostly for out of town trips, as traffic in SF is horrible.

In 2009 I retired from my position with UCSF but stayed very busy doing the accounting and bookkeeping for my nephew’s home décor wholesale company, Made Goods. I had to take a hiatus from those activities when Dan got sick and have not taken on anything else since.

I try to keep physically active with strength training, aerobic conditioning, spin classes, and hiking. For a number of years I was doing backpacking and white water kayaking, but I had to put those activities on pause when my hips wore out. Now that I have two new hips, I may resume.

In recent years, I have only been back to Ohio a couple of times: for the BWHS 45th reunion and the IC 50th reunion. I’ll be there this year and hope to see you all!

Mary VonVille

My life has taken a bit of a different path than most. Spent a mission in southern Germany for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, married in the Washington DC Temple and am yet quite actively involved in the Church. Genealogically-wise I have been blessed with several miracles and am now back into the very early 1600s upon some lines in which German has come in quite handy. AncestryDNA has been a blast recently. Culturally I am fascinated with learning and have “adopted” several children and taught English to Ukranians, Spanish, an Indian “son” and a dear Vietnamese friend. Watterson was an excellent educator in many many aspects and it’s been a delight to pass that knowledge on to others and I do love teaching. Worked mostly in the medical field and finally graduated college as physical challenges side-line me occasionally. Was an animal rescuer for one species for 14 years and during the last decade and one half have rescued 1 young and 5 older dogs with a 14 year old Sheltie being my pleasant shadow now. We are back in Cols. and I do still smile at being able to make left hand turns out of store lots after 30 years in NJ. Enjoy people (dog walks can take hours; drop-in visitors are welcomed: hatandsmile hotmail com), gardening, a wide variety of interests including art and am definitely not that shy kid anymore! FYI: Dad, who was a mentor to many of the IC and other guys, passed 9/11/11 and Mom (94) still lives in her home and goes to IC regularly; Larry is in Ft. M. in FL, 1 the Midwest, 1 works elsewhere and the others are still around Columbus. July 1st will be interesting at La Scala and hopefully we all get name tags as 50 years is a lot of time (and pounds!) Am sorry so many have passed already, wanted to see some of them!
— Mary

James Lee

James Lee

James Lee

After graduation from Watterson, I enrolled at Ohio State to study pharmacy as that was my family business. After graduation from OSU, I worked in one of my family’s stores until conditions changed and the store lease was lost resulting in the store closing. At that point I took a job in mail-order pharmacy where I’m still employed after 33 years.

My real passion in life was to become a radio DJ, not a pharmacist. Radio DJs tend to get fired a lot and move around, but that was not me. However when disco started, mobile DJs started coming of age and since I already had a large record collection, I seized the opportunity doing weddings, reunions, singles dances and school dances of which I found myself back at Watterson hired by John Durant to do a couple of school dances. Circumstances changed by the early 90s and I found I no longer was having fun as a DJ since there was more work involved and the music itself was changing, so I retired, but still collect old records which are eating me out of house and home.

In recent years I’ve enjoyed traveling and have visited more than 30 countries. I dated several girls but things never worked out for a permanent relationship. Maybe I was too busy. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming reunion

Frank Reilly

Frank Reilly

Dr. Frank Reilly

After graduation, I attended The Ohio State University where I received an B.S. Degree in Zoology. In 1971, I moved from Columbus to Cincinnati, OH and enrolled in the Ph.D. program of the Anatomy and Cell Biology Department, College of Medicine, University of Cincinnati (UC). I started my research/teaching careers in 1975 by being appointed Assistant Professor of Anatomy, College of Medicine, UC. I worked in the department for 3 years. In 1978, I received and took a job offer at the Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy, College of Medicine, West Virginia University, where I retired as Professor Emeritus in 2011 after serving as a faculty member for another 34 years.

During my 37 working years, I was blessed by an exciting research career in the field of Microcirculation. This resulted in the training of 21 Ph.D./M.D. graduate and 29 undergraduate students in my Microcirculatory Research Laboratory. Together we studied blood flow and healing in numerous organs in health and disease, i.e., spleen, liver, skeletal muscle, and skin. Our research was published in over 60 peer-reviewed journals.

Concurrently, I was a passionate teacher of Human Anatomy and Neurobiology. For the entire 37 years, I taught first-year Medical students. During the last 8 years prior to retirement, I also taught Head and Neck Anatomy to first-year Dental Students. As a teacher, I pursued my research interests of integrating computers and educational multimedia into the Medical/Dental Curriculums. This pursuit resulted in numerous institutional teaching awards and another 40 peer-reviewed publications in Anatomy Journals and the AAMC’s MedEdPortal for world-wide, online distribution to professional students.

ReillysI have been married for 44 years, but not to the same woman! After 20 years of marriage my first wife died, so that I became a widower for about 4 years. In 1993, I married Sally Lynn Hedrick—the love of my life! My marital relationships have netted a son, a stepdaughter, and 3 grandsons. They are our pride-and-joy! My wife and I split our busy time between Morgantown, WV and Honeymoon Island, Dunedin, FL. We love to visit with our family, as I still have 2 brothers in Columbus, OH, while the remainder of the family resides in Orlando and Odessa FL.

Reilly_Arthurdale_031I enjoy life with my retired wife, family, and friends. We are avid travelers, visiting Europe, the Orient, Canada, New England, Western and Northwestern USA, many times. In WV and FL, we enjoy food, exercise, biking, and boating. Moreover, I’m a founding member of the Mon Valley Sports Car Club of WV. Since retirement, my wife and I have enjoyed track time, rallies, autocrosses, car shows, and scenic drives with the Club enthusiastically driving our Honda S2000.

So, retirement and life have been grand! We are blessed with good health and gratitude in a loving family. We need nothing more! I’m excited to share my happiness at our 50th High School Reunion. Fifty years—I can’t believe it!! Where has time gone? I look forward to seeing you ALL on July 1st (God willing)! So, stay well my friends and fellow graduates!!

Kathleen Little Wightman

Upon leaving BWHS, I entered OSU, graduated with a degree in social work and was employed by OSU Hospitals and American Red Cross in that capacity for a number of years. I married (Alec) in 1976 and stayed home with two daughters, Nora (34) and Emily (30), before returning to school to obtain a degree in library media science. With that degree, I returned to work in the Columbus Public Schools and the Columbus Metropolitan Library, primarily as a children’s librarian.

Since retiring 11 years ago, I have been a volunteer in our neighborhood (German VIllage), recruiting tutors for our neighborhood school, helping with park maintenance and, additionally, working at the local Audubon Center assisting with school programs and, the most fun, doing preschool storytimes for the center.

Also since my retirement, Alec and I are enjoying travel, visiting many countries and continents and hoping to continue to do so.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!!

Eric Wolf

Linda, my wife of 26 years, and I relocated to South Florida four years ago and love its subtropical climate and small-town atmosphere. Having met and married in Los Angeles, we are fortunate to also have lived in metropolitan Chicago, Boston, and Cincinnati.

2017-05 Eric Wolf

Eric & Linda Wolf

Our oldest son Michael and his wife Melissa are doing a splendid job of raising our 7-year old grandson Maxton. Although we got a late start at grand-parenting, Maxton has helped us out by being born 2 3/4 months premature. What a treasure he is! Middle son Dhyan lives in Los Angeles and works in television post-production. Christopher manages a Bravo! restaurant in suburban Pittsburgh.

After a career in Sales and Marketing Management in the office and commercial printing industry, I ran two software companies in Cincinnati. Now Linda and I are partners in two home-based businesses. ActiveCanvas specializes in Branding and Internet Marketing and custom Website Development for small and medium-size businesses. I love working with software and data! Through Lectio Publishing we have published ten Catholic theology books.

After the boys were out of the nest I used my spare time to earn a Master of Arts in Religious Studies. I am now beginning my twelfth year as an adjunct professor at the Athenaeum of Ohio (Cincinnati) teaching Scripture, Old Testament and New Testament, to lay people of the Archdiocese.

My hobbies include bicycling (a few thousand miles per year), SCUBA diving, and marksmanship. I enjoy reading and older movies (you know, when they made good ones!).

One thing to know is that after five years at Ohio State I lived two years in the San Francisco Bay Area then took my mother hitchhiking through Western Europe and North Africa. She ended up writing a book about her experiences on the trip; I worked vineyards and learned to speak French.