Paul Morrill


Paul Morrill with granddaughter

In the immortal words of Joe Walsh the great philosopher of our times from Cleveland, “everyone is so different, I haven’t changed” or should I say “it’s a wonder I’m still sane after all I’ve been through, Life’s been good to me so far”?

Graduated from Watterson 67 went to The University of Dayton dropped out of school in fall 1969 drafted into the Army early 1970 then undrafted that summer. Went back to school and graduated with degree in civil engineering 1972. Redrafted into the army, 6 years in the Ohio National Guard. Out as 2nd lieutenant. Worked in Detroit for 2 years, Columbus for 7 years, then to Colorado for 4 years. Settled down in New Jersey in 1985. Retired in May of this year working 32 years (25 as a direct employee) for a water company. Started with Detroit Water Co, FEMA flood studies across Ohio as surface water hydrologist, land development planning in Colorado then back to water and sewer in New Jersey.

Morrill familyI met my wife Patty in Columbus in 1977, married in 1981. Recession drove us to Colorado later that year then onto New Jersey. We live on 7 acres with miles of horse trails at back door. We cleared some of our land and built our own barn (Patty has her own framing hammer). We added onto our house 3 times did almost all of the work ourselves with a little help from our friends (including Jack Schwartz with his nail gun).

We have a son and daughter. Our daughter graduated from Ohio State with a degree in molecular genetics married 11 years and has a son and daughter. Our son is still holding out but is getting serious with his current girlfriend. He graduated from Rowan University and is involved with the care of Autistic adults.


Patty, Paul, Charlie, Jack

I’m not very good at inserting photos but included pictures of my wife and son in Colorado when we celebrated my 60th. Pictures of my grand-daughter and I standing in our barn and a photo of my wife and I on the ski trip with Jack Schwartz and Charlie Ferris. Have reconnected with Denis Poirier and John Bergman as well as some from the old Clintonville neighborhood that were not in our class.

I also included an old photo of our family from 2001 Shenandoah National Park. I still had hair with color even. Maybe I have changed a little.

Morrill family 2001

Paul and family, Shenandoah, 2001

I must repeat
Life’s been good to me so far!

— Paul