Michelle DeTemple

Are you sure it is not the 25th? Time sure has flown by.
I attended OSU, while working at Jerry’s Drive In. I worked in the banking industry which took me in and out of a marriage where we lived near the Jersey shore. I was a season ticket holder to the Philadelphia Phillies during this time trying to teach my new girlfriends the game of baseball. I eventually moved back to Columbus in the late 70’s where I worked in the accounting department for a local men’s clothing store chain, which took me to Dallas, Texas as the chain was bought up by Hart Schaffner & Marx and they were consolidating the accounting function of retail chains from around the country. I made sure I lived near Arlington Stadium home of the Texas Rangers enjoyed watching Nolan Ryan set pitching records. In the early 90s the company exited the retail business I was laid off so back to Columbus. I was offered a job in Cincinnati by my former Controller from Texas at Cincinnati Bell Information Systems, so I moved to Cincinnati in 1993. I lived downtown next to Riverfront Stadium, however I was a season ticket holder to the Cleveland Indians with with a group that was organized by one of my brothers. My Dad thought I was crazy, he was probably right, I lived next door to where the Reds played, but I was a season ticket holder to a team 4 hours away. I retired in 2010 from my accounting/software testing world.

I spend a great deal of my time volunteering for the County Senior Services and the County Democratic Party along with fostering a soon to be 16-year-old boy, I am not sure what I was thinking when I agreed to the latter. Any travelling that I do is around the country. I have a nephew in the theater, so I have been from Maine to New York (many times) to North Carolina to Kansas and Chicago to name a few. Three of my siblings live outside of Ohio in Illinois, North Carolina and Florida which adds to the travel plans. Five of my other siblings live in Columbus and one here in Cincinnati, so we try to get together several times a year. There are currently 60 members in my immediate family with three on the way, so it can be very challenging at best to get us all together.

Looking forward to Saturday.
— Michelle