Kathleen Wesner

Dan and Kathleen (Wesner)

Dan and Kathleen

I graduated from Ohio State in 1971, lived in western Maryland for two years, and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1973. For my first several years in California, I always thought I would eventually move back to Ohio, but the weather and the California lifestyle were just too addictive. I got an MPH and an MBA from UC Berkeley and ended up working for the University of California San Francisco in financial administration for 23 years.

My husband, Dan, and I were married for 32 years. Two years ago, Dan had a recurrence of his lymphoma and died about six months later. We have no children but I do have two nephews who live close by. I have a flat in San Francisco, about a block from Mission Dolores and enjoy city life, getting around on foot or by bike. The car is used mostly for out of town trips, as traffic in SF is horrible.

In 2009 I retired from my position with UCSF but stayed very busy doing the accounting and bookkeeping for my nephew’s home décor wholesale company, Made Goods. I had to take a hiatus from those activities when Dan got sick and have not taken on anything else since.

I try to keep physically active with strength training, aerobic conditioning, spin classes, and hiking. For a number of years I was doing backpacking and white water kayaking, but I had to put those activities on pause when my hips wore out. Now that I have two new hips, I may resume.

In recent years, I have only been back to Ohio a couple of times: for the BWHS 45th reunion and the IC 50th reunion. I’ll be there this year and hope to see you all!