Rocky Amicon

After graduating from Watterson I was eager to see how far my 1.79 grade average would take me (hey Business Law & Consumer Economics were tough courses). I went to several colleges to see if I could balance sports & academics. I managed the balance by not doing good at either. It would hurt what’s left of my brain to remember all my jobs over the next 40+ years but to summarize it I worked government jobs (city & state), worked for a couple years on a bicentennial event (got drunk in 48 states), worked in the harness racing industry & bartended for about 20 yrs. I somehow made to the employment finish line & retired although still working part time for the State. Probably a good time to mention that I never married.

I am healthy (along with classmate Bill Hummer am still running half marathons) and that along with still hanging around & playing golf with many fun people from our class & the class of “66” make life fun & that’s all I need.

Looking forward to seeing everybody. I feel blessed to be part of Watterson’s greatest class.