Dance in November, NYC

Want to see an Eagle soar? If you’re ready to visit New York City in November, come see my dance concert! Titled “POP: Then until Now: Vicki Angel, Eric Barsness, & Carol Clements in Concert,” the Gibney Dance Studio describes it, “Then until Now offers a look at a forty-year choreographic span, with past and present juxtaposed in the bodies of three “mature” dancers. Angel, Barsness, and Clements resurrect solos from the 1980s and make new dances, too. A surprise comic trio is the finale. Out with the new and in with the old!”

Tickets are (a quite reasonable!) $15 – $20; read the specifics on the Gibney Dance website »

A few classmates are already planning to attend. You know, a 71-year-old classmate can still perform!

All the best, Vicki

Vicki Angel

Hi All,

Vicki Angel dreamI wish I could say, “this is me today,” Ha! I ended up becoming a professional dancer (post-modern). Somehow, ended up with a BFA in dance from OSU, MFA in performance and choreography, and a CMA (certified movement analyst). Who knew. I love analyzing the golf swing.

Education became an important part of my life so I became an Assistant Professor of dance at Towson University, Connecticut College, and CSU Long Beach. My performing and teaching has taken me to Asia and Europe.

Presently, I live with my husband, Bob Isenhart, whom I met at OSU. He does brain research. We restored a town house near Prospect Park, in Brooklyn. Currently I am a lead teaching artist at Lincoln Center Education in NYC. Check out our programs:

I want you to know that I am looking forward to seeing you all, even the ones I don’t recognize from the bios. And— I can still balance on one leg, easily.