Psalms as Personal Prayer

It seems as though an old dog can teach new tricks! An eBook of my Psalms as Personal Prayer: An Intimate Translation has recently been published. Translated especially for your devotional prayer life to enhance your relationship with the Creator, I have included over 100 of the most wonderful of those comprising The Book of Psalms in the Old Testament. I have translated these directly from the original Hebrew with no fluff, just down-to-earth phrasing.
Besides being what I consider (OK, bias alert) to be a superior translation, it is published as an eBook for your tablet or smartphone (although it also works well on desktops). It is available on Apple and Kindle, each at $5.99. Once you download it, you can pray using it on any of your devices that are connected with your email account that you use to log-in for purchase.

The main reason why an eBook? You have your psalms anywhere you have your smartphone or tablet. Waiting in line? Visiting a relative over holidays? In the hospital? You have the psalms right there handy. Got a minute? Pray a psalm! The main reason why this eBook? I believe it to be a wonderful faith-filled intimate translation!

OK, I hope you decide to try it out; like them? Either way, let me know your thoughts. Here’s the link to our book page that has more information including purchase links.
Any questions, please ask. Stay safe! Stay well! God bless you!

Your classmate and friend,
—Eric Wolf

Eric Wolf

Linda, my wife of 26 years, and I relocated to South Florida four years ago and love its subtropical climate and small-town atmosphere. Having met and married in Los Angeles, we are fortunate to also have lived in metropolitan Chicago, Boston, and Cincinnati.

2017-05 Eric Wolf

Eric & Linda Wolf

Our oldest son Michael and his wife Melissa are doing a splendid job of raising our 7-year old grandson Maxton. Although we got a late start at grand-parenting, Maxton has helped us out by being born 2 3/4 months premature. What a treasure he is! Middle son Dhyan lives in Los Angeles and works in television post-production. Christopher manages a Bravo! restaurant in suburban Pittsburgh.

After a career in Sales and Marketing Management in the office and commercial printing industry, I ran two software companies in Cincinnati. Now Linda and I are partners in two home-based businesses. ActiveCanvas specializes in Branding and Internet Marketing and custom Website Development for small and medium-size businesses. I love working with software and data! Through Lectio Publishing we have published ten Catholic theology books.

After the boys were out of the nest I used my spare time to earn a Master of Arts in Religious Studies. I am now beginning my twelfth year as an adjunct professor at the Athenaeum of Ohio (Cincinnati) teaching Scripture, Old Testament and New Testament, to lay people of the Archdiocese.

My hobbies include bicycling (a few thousand miles per year), SCUBA diving, and marksmanship. I enjoy reading and older movies (you know, when they made good ones!).

One thing to know is that after five years at Ohio State I lived two years in the San Francisco Bay Area then took my mother hitchhiking through Western Europe and North Africa. She ended up writing a book about her experiences on the trip; I worked vineyards and learned to speak French.